Datum Defense

Over 25 years of combined networking, firewall, system design, training, cybersecurity, and information assurance experience leveraged to ensure your business or organization is prepared to defend against threats in the online environment.

Core Focus

The first line of defense is the individual. Provide them with the training, understanding, and tools to keep your business or organization or even homes safe from the inside out. Once that core focus is addressed, it is time to address local and inside infrastructure your side of the firewall. What's open? What's closed? Why are things in that state? Are your hosts protected?

Insider threats are reportedly the primary cause for 60 percent of data breaches. A recent study has revealed that the number of insider security incidents has risen by 47 percent since 2018, and the cost of insider threats has risen 31 percent in the same time period.

Outside In

Defend Your Perimeter - Defense in Depth

Your defensive security posture should be a multi-layered approach from the individual up and from the outside facing network interfcaces in, defense in depth. This includes firewalls, intrustion protection/detection, host based security, domain policies, network access control lists, etc. Know what needs to transition your network and prevent everything else.

Currently, the only foolproof way to have zero cybersecurity risk is to have zero users and not connect to the internet. Even then, you might have to unplug your powercord to avoid tempest attacks. - David Lindsey